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Mar 29 Sermon Worship John 12: Prepare to Die
Apr 5 Sermon Worship Famous Last Words: John 13
Apr 10 Sermon Worship Into the Night
Apr 12 Sermon Worship Transformation John 20
Apr 19 Sermon Worship Our God is With Us
Apr 26 Sermon Worship Jesus, the Light of the World
May 3 Sermon Worship Ready for What Lies Ahead - John 16
May 10 Sermon Worship God's Glory - John 17
May 17 Sermon Worship Off Mission? - John 21
May 24 Sermon Worship Conclusion of John's Gospel

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Blended Worship
Evolution and Christianity
100 Years for Christ

Mission Gems

Centennial Park Baptist Church supports missionaries in several countries through various organizations. Download and print these brief descriptions for your prayer time. More will be uploaded soon.
CBM: Duane & Carin Guthrie
Grimsby Life Centre
Teen Challenge
Food for Life
CBM: Bruno & Kathleen Soucy | Ministry Update